The AglaJazz Festival 2018 - returns for the 12th year

Bands from all-over the world!

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When and Where:
26th & 27th of June 2018 – time: 20:45 - 00:00 at Square of Old Aglantzia, Nicosia

The 12th AglanJazz Festival offers two days full of jazz at the Square of Old Aglantzia on the 26th and 27th of June, 2018.

This year's event includes bands from Cyprus, Greece, France, Spain, Holland and Slovakia.


  • Tuesday 26.6
  • 20:45: Cyprus

Glavkos Kontemeniotis Quartet

New York based pianist, Glafkos Kontemeniotis is a gem of a musician. Based in the Mecca of jazz for over thirty years now, he has performed in such diverse venues as the Blue Note, the Kitano and Birdland jazz clubs in New York, the Alice Tully Hall and Schomburg Theatre, in universities across the country including Yale and Princeton, as well as Lykavitos theatre, in Athens, attracting attention from acclaimed reviewers and knowing listeners.

His work has been described as ‘unmistakably personal’, a sound that incorporates elements and echoes from various musical and emotional experiences. The pianist weaves jazz, traditional and classical music into a recognizable personal style that brings cross-cultural art to new heights. Not incidentally, Jazz Review has noted that in Kontemeniotis’s music ‘instantaneous energy freely and synoptically exchanges in milliseconds of anticipation, recognition and elaboration' resulting in 'empathy that leads to distinctive cohesion and a unified sound’ (June 2010).

  • Glafkos Kontemeniotis – piano
  • Alexander Gagatsis – vibraphone
  • Irineos Koulouras – bass
  • Ioannis Vafeas – drums

21:45: France

Daniel Zimmermann Quartet

Trombonist of the last group of Claude Nougaro and the Maraboutik Band of Manu Dibango, founder of the group DPZ with Thomas De Pourquery, winner of the first prize (as a soloist) at the Competition of the Defense in 2002, guest soloist of the Gnawa Festival of Essaouira in 2010, Daniel Zimmermann was in 2014 the first trombonist nominated for the Victoires du Jazz, for his album "Bone Machine". Other projects of Zimmerman, as a composer or leader, include his trio with guitarist Manu Codjia and accordionist Vincent Peirani, free-psychedelic fusion duo Spice'Bones, and the younger funk-rock Band Duckbill. He has recorded albums and film music with countless artists and he regularly performs in France and abroad with various artists. Daniel Zimmermann is a spontaneous soloist, his style is characterized by a very clear sound, a flexible and agile phrasing, an interweaving of funk, pop and New Orleans influences.

  • Daniel Zimmermann - trombone and composition
  • Pierre Durand – guitar
  • Matthias Allamane – bass
  • Julien Charlet – drums

22:45: Spain

Chicuelo and Marco Mezquida

Guitar maestro ‘Chicuelo’ Juan Gómez joins forces with jazz pianist Marco Mezquido and ‘they surpass known patterns of flamenco jazz’ (Jazz Thing). Chicuelo and Mezquida made a surprising move last year with the release of their first collaborative album Conéxion. Accompanied by percussion only, they gave room to all aspects of each other’s playing. Barcelona is a major source of inspiration, as a Mediterranean metropolis and meeting point of many cultures.

‘Chicuelo’ Juan Gómez is currently considered a major innovator of the flamenco guitar, following in the footsteps of the legendary Paco de Lucía. His talent as a composer and songwriter has been awarded with a prestigious Goya Award. Now he will join forces with another great musician from Catalonia, pianist Marco Mezquida, who makes a logical connection between jazz, classical music and flamenco. He is among the most brilliant and promising musicians that have arisen in the Spanish musical scene in decades, and has already recorded more than forty albums, of which ten as a band leader and composer.

  • Marco Mezquida – piano
  • Juan Gómez ‘Chicuelo’ - flamenco guitar
  • Paco de Mode – percussion

Wednesday 27.6

20:45: Cyprus, The Netherlands

Takoushis-Karapatakis Project featuring Udo Demandt

The Takoushis-Karapatakis Project was formed in 2008. Their resourceful yet unassuming music disposition, exuding a modern and distinctive European jazz sound based on strong melodies and virtuosic improvisations, defies any self-classification. Their music, based on and developed from the fundamentals of jazz improvisation and individual self-expression, displays original ideas which are inspired by the music traditions of the Mediterranean. And while it does not engage in loud and ostentatious conversations with these traditions, it brings about “memories”, which are stemming from the two artists’ motherland but also from the evolution of the jazz genre, and are deeply embedded, inseparably intertwined even, in the Project’s musical corpus. The Takoushis-Karapatakis Project’s discography has received critical and audience acclaim all over the world, and their music has been included in the EBU’s jazz album, The Music of Europe. They have released the album Sympnoia (2010), Seven Miles East (2012) and Colours of Another Sky (2015).

  • Marios Takoushis – piano / compositions
  • Gabriel Karapatakis – bass / compositions
  • Udo Demandt – percussions

21:45: Greece

Noir Sessions

The Band was formed in January of 2018, in Athens. It is a musical collective, aiming at the interpretation of original compositions and minimal adaptations. The core of the group is the quartet, as well as honorary members and invited artists.

The team's biographies include a wide range of noteworthy collaborations and international awards, as well as a variety of performances at National and International Festivals, Musical Scenes and Theaters in Greece and the rest of the world. This resulted in the group's name Noir Sessions, which is a poetic translation of the members' "Night Performances"!

  • Vaso Dimitriou - compositions, electric guitar, classical guitar and tusk
  • Stefanos Dimitriou – drums
  • Anastasios Katsaris – tenor saxophone
  • Panagiotis Bourazanis – electric bass
  • Nicolas Anadolis – piano

22:45: Slovakia


A jazz trio which doesn't play jazz. GrooveHub’s original compositions rumble with powerful melodies, piercing unisons and huge grooves. Their music crosses boundaries of traditional music genres and is set to appeal to all fans of energetic instrumental music. Strong emphasis on arrangement gives their songs variety and an element of surprise. Composition takes turns with solo parts underlined by pulsating grooves and rhythms packed with rock ardor. The trio aims to blend interesting themes and excellent technical execution to create a thrilling listening experience. They have released two albums (Enter The Hub, Glasses & Hats) and have been featured as the opening act to a Victor Wooten Trio show in their home country of Slovakia.

  • Lubomír Sramo – keyboards
  • Adam Hudec - bass guitar
  • Radovan Vallach – drums

The AglaJazz Festival 2018 - returns for the 12th year The AglaJazz Festival 2018 - returns for the 12th year The AglaJazz Festival 2018 - returns for the 12th year

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