August 2017 Lunar Eclipse

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This August moon is rather playful

We always love the August Full Moon. However August 2017 full moon was accompanied by a partial eclipse giving an unusual view to those who got the chance to look up in the sky without the superstitious fears of the past.

In Cyprus the partial cloudy sky of some areas only added to the picture.

It's interesting to know that in the past a lunar eclipse was not much of a happy event. Superstitions and myths were keeping people in fear not allowing them to enjoy the phenomenon. In many places of Europe a lunar eclipse was considered to be harmful for pregnant women.

The Incas on the other side of the Atlantic where creating noises during the eclipse, in order to scare of the Jaguar that was attacking the moon.

In ancient Greece the Lunar Eclipse was a sign from Gods that something bad will happen.

Today... we just enjoy whatever good image nature offers.

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