Beauty ritual for your skin!

Take care of your skin and it will reward you!

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First take care of your diet and after your skin.

Studies have shown that the healthier your diet is, the brighter you will be ...

Avoided red meat and fried food, chose fresh fruits and vegetables.

The miraculous fruit that will make you look younger and brighter is avocado. Avocado comes from Central America and Mexico. It has been cultivated for thousands of years and is used not only for consumption but also for fighting health problems and dermatopathies. It contains vitamin K and vitamin C. It is also rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and improve good (HDL).

In a large bowl throw in iced water, ice cubes and slices of cucumber, wash your face with it. Improves the look of your hair and your skin.
Hot water tends to dehydrate the skin, as opposed to the cold that "tightens" the skin and pores, while preventing obstruction from dirt and natural oils. This also contributes to the reduction of sebum on the epidermis. Something similar causes cold water to the pores on the scalp, which prevents the dirt from penetrating deeper.


Every time we are under stress, whether it's stress at work, fatigue, irritation, poor nutrition, alcohol and low sleep, or simply "life in the polluted city atmosphere," the skin feels and reacts.

Facial creams and what is the right hierarchy for their application? After cleaning, apply the eye cream. Ideally it would be in this area not to use any other product in order to avoid an undesirable irritation.

Use Serum. Serum is placed under the moisturizer to maximize its effect. Thanks to its light texture it does not weigh the skin while moisturizing the skin in depth.

EXTRA TIP: Always apply a thick layer of sunscreen before you leave the house.

It helps to prevent fads, delays wrinkle development and premature aging.


Beauty ritual for your skin! Beauty ritual for your skin! Beauty ritual for your skin! Beauty ritual for your skin!

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