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Events & Festivals

Over the past decade Cyprus has hosted a range of events and has been visited by renowned artists such as; Inna, Fatman Scoop, 50 Cent, Akon, Armin Van Buuren, Steve Aoki, Like Mike and Dimitri Vegas As well as many more! 

Do not be mislead and think of Cyprus as a small island that doesn't know how to have fun.

On the contrary, a summer vacation in any of its destinations could truly engage your imagination and present you with vivid memories that you will never forget!

Choose from a variety of upcoming events and join in with the celebrations!


Date to start: Date to end:
Event Date Area
The 6 Summer Music Festivals in Cyprus 01/07/2017   -   20/08/2017 NICOSIA LIMASSOL LARNAKA PAFOS
“Into The Limbo” - Psychedelic Stoner Rock Festival 22/07/2017   -   22/07/2017 NICOSIA
"Bacchae" – International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama 2017 26/07/2017   -   28/07/2017 NICOSIA PAFOS
Power Of The Night Festival 27/07/2017   -   29/07/2017 NICOSIA
Hazelnut's Festival 29/07/2017   -   30/07/2017 NICOSIA MOUNTAINS COUNTRYSIDE
Let's rock at Neverland in Nicosia 29/07/2017   -   30/07/2017 NICOSIA
Cyprus Tattoo EXPO 04/08/2017   -   06/08/2017 LARNAKA
Living Color Music and Art Festival 05/08/2017   -   06/08/2017 AYIA NAPA
Let's have a Rock'n'Roll night in Ayia Napa! 06/08/2017   -   07/08/2017 AYIA NAPA
Get ready for the 'Despacito' night 10/08/2017   -   11/08/2017 AYIA NAPA
“Uniting the Mediterranean Sea” - A Unique Theatrical Spectacle 15/08/2017   -   18/08/2017 PAFOS
Art First 03/09/2017   -   03/09/2017 LARNAKA
Bread Products Festival in ... Galatian village! 10/09/2017   -   10/09/2017 NICOSIA MOUNTAINS COUNTRYSIDE
Pomegranate's Festival in Ormidheia 16/09/2017   -   16/09/2017 LARNAKA
Cyprus Wine and Food Events 23/09/2017   -   24/09/2017 NICOSIA LIMASSOL LARNAKA PAFOS AYIA NAPA PROTARAS/PARALIMNI

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