Pomegranate's Festival in Ormidheia

So delicious!

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In September, the pomegranates are everywhere, and that makes you want them. Correct?

The weather is still good and it allows both walks and dives. Therefore? Where does this lead us?

At the seaside Ormidia and the Pomegranate Festival! 
On 16/09/2017, at the Ormidia Community Park, this year's Pomegranate Festival will take place, where we can find traditional pomegranates such as liqueurs, puzzles, sujukos and other traditional and modern dances, children's play, Old-fashioned, etc., and splendid fireworks!

So, on 16/09/2017, we are all in the Ormidia Community Park and if we need more information, call 24721271 or 24721710!

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