Ride of silence

Because safety must come first!

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A lot of us are repeating this again and again! When you decide to ride your bike, especially if is a bicycle, before of all, even before your decision of the bicycle's type, you must think your safety! Almost every week we hear about the injury or the death of a cyclist on a road accident, somewhere in the world. So, rather than discouraging us from using the bicycle "out there", it probably should make us think much better about our safety!

That's the whole think besides the "Ride of Silence", who is organized by the 'Podilates Lefkosias" (Nicosia's Cyclers) Cycling Group, on 17th of May, on 18:30, in D' Avila bastion, and is dedicated to all cyclists injured or killed by cycling on public roads.

The press release of the Group, says: "On Wednesday, 17 May 2017 at 19:00, Ride of Silence (www.rideofsilence.org) will be held worldwide, dedicated to all cyclists injured or killed by cycling on public roads. The gathering will take place at Nicosia City Hall at 18:30. It's an easy way, less than 20km away and open to everyone with any kind of bicycle. Bring with you raincoat if you see the weather fearfully for rain. Do not forget your helmet and bicycle lights!

All participants are invited to ride responsibly, with respect to others and follow the rules of traffic.

We note that Cyclists of Nicosia bear no responsibility in the event of an accident during their events. Children under the age of 18 can participate in events only under the responsibility and accompaniment of their parent (or guardian). It is recommended to use helmets during the events."

The participation fee is for free!

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