Shadow Theatre "Karagiozis"

Traditional type of entertainment...

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An alternative entertainment for visitors in Cyprus is and the shadow theatre ,as established in the island's dialect, ' karagiozis '. The shadow theatre is one of the oldest types of theatrical spectacle and as it seems to have its roots in Asia.. In the shadow theatre there are used painted pictures on paper and on other semi-transparent material. The puppeteer manipulates the figures in front of a white screen, which is a white sheet which is illuminated from behind, making it so easy to view the colours and the outlines of the figures. For the movement of the figures are need special tweezers that are attached to key points that offer a sense of flexibility and vitality. Also the shadow theatre artist, who must be multi-talented, imitating different voices representing the protagonists of the project very often has to sings. Formerly, many times the show used to be accompanied by a live music.

An alternative entertainment...

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