The Cyprus Hip Hop Festival 2018

A discussion with a Cypriot rapper about the Cyprus Hip Hop Festival

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The Cyprus Hip Hop Festival 2018 is coming soon!

It will take place in Red, live music bar, in Nicosia, on the 25th of August at 17:00. The festival is going to last until 1 a.m. This is indicative of its rich and promising program. Eksoginos (Alien) MC is the most appropriate person to inform us about the Cyprus Hip Hop Festival 2018. He is a rising Cypriot, rapper who will take part in it. He has a lot of interesting things to say about the festival and his own occupation in hip hop music.

You can read our distinct discussion below:

I would like to thank you for our discussion. I think that you should explain to us what Cyprus Hip Hop Festival is. People probably have questions.
The Cyprus Hip Hop Festival is an annual thing and this is its fifth year. People from every corner of Cyprus take part and represent hip hop as rappers, breakdancers or beatboxers. It is the greatest hip hop festival in Cyprus and plays an important role in the promotion of hip hop culture on the island. It gathers together a lot of hip hop fans every year!

What are we going to see at the Cyprus Hip Hop Festival 2018?
A lot of nice and interesting people will take part in the Cyprus Hip Hop Festival 2018. We will see various dancing battles and cyphers from bassick crew and True Enforcements of Advanced Movements. There will also be some dj live sets and beatbox shows! In addition, we will see a lot of MCs from Cyprus and Greece (Barco Pirata Collective, Ndeimas Psyxas, Uchiha Rap Fam, Lyrical Eye, Nerv, FiXiT, Ecko D). Harmanis from the legendary greek band ZN, Anser (MC) and the producer Eversor, whose beats make impressions in Greece and Cyprus, are the most famous artists of this year’s festival. Of course, it will also be my first live performance so don’t misss it!!

Tell us about yourself. How did your occupation in hip hop start and why are you an alien (eksoginos)?
I was interested in music since I was a child. I have been listening to hip hop for many years. I was always looking for something that would give me the chance to express myself freely. I was always feeling different, like an alien. My interests and my beliefs could hardly match with those around me. As I had a lot to say, rap was the best solution. I used to listen to rap a lot so why not? The “alien” became my creative persona.

To conclude, tell us about your music work and your participation in Cyprus Hip Hop Festival 2018.
I wrote my first song in 2016 and Ι recorded it in November of 2017. I named it “The Change” (Αλλαγή). I liked it a lot. In May of 2018 I published my first album” Connotations” (Συνειρμοί) with 12 songs. Now, I am preparing my second album. In addition, every 3 weeks Ι release a song from a singles’ series. My participation in Cyprus Hip Hop Festival 2018 came up after my communication with the coordinator of the festival and, as I previously said, this will be my first live performance. Be there :))

Entry will be fifteen (15) euro.
The sale of limited tickets at twelve (12) euros will start in early August.
Contact phone number: 99885773

Dj Bkas
DJ Andreas Alex aka Ice

Live MCs: 
Anser + Eversor
Χαρμάνης (Xarmanis MC REAL FAN PAGE)
Barco Pirata Collective (Julio - Smiln - Pontikas - La slave)
Uchiha Rap Fam
Lyrical Eye
Ndeimas Psyxas
Ecko D

The Cyprus Hip Hop Festival 2018 The Cyprus Hip Hop Festival 2018 The Cyprus Hip Hop Festival 2018 The Cyprus Hip Hop Festival 2018

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