The first Pizza Bar in Cyprus

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Eating on the go is a reliable indicator of the preferences and culture of the population in cities.

Agvania has developed a concept pizza bar dedicated to top quality in one of the most popular street art - pizza in many countries.

Street Art Food has blurred the lines between restaurants and other food styles, even by adjusting the Michelin guide to it, introducing an overview of the notable food for the road in 2014.

The traditional Italian pizza Agvania was created in 1999 and is based on a "forgotten - secret" roman way of making pizza. Based on high-quality fresh ingredients and vegetarian diet with high nutritional value, it has become the world's favorite pizza in all countries it is found in.

Agvania Pizza has now made its way to Cyprus with its first Pizza Bar located in Limassol, 14 Agios Andreou Street, behind Castro in the old Port. They have chosen the old town of Limassol with its romantic narrow streets to introduce Agvania to our island. At this sophisticated and trendy spot, they aim to deliver a great gastronomic experience. You can visit or order it and enjoy it at home.

They want to contribute to the city's way of life with a mix of modern and traditional, healthy food. Agvania Pizza is exclusively vegetarian, which is also a remarkable global trend.

The owner, as a mother, is meticulous about what food her children will eat and as a woman she enjoys the sophisticated cuisine. That's why all the food is healthy and delicious.

Trust in us! A taste of their Pizza will have you coming back for more!

Contact Information: 

Address: 14, Agios Andreou Street, Limassol
Tel.: 25713700
Email: [email protected] 

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