Two days full of kitesurf!

Massive contest will take place in Kiti

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When we talk about Kitesurfing, we mean the fastest growing water sports world-wide, which is a combination of water skiing and a paraglider, whose Cyprus has the honor to host for the fifth consecutive year one of its most promising events under the name of King Of Kite.

The King of Kite will take place on 15-16 July in Softades Kiti, Larnaca, and is expected to attract over 120 athletes.

The best Cypriot kitesurfers will have the opportunity to compete against top athletes from Israel, Greece and Great Britain, as well as British and Russian permanent residents of Cyprus, while the participation of Turkish Cypriots is remarkable!

Excitement has also provoked among the participants and fans of the sport that the guest star of this year's event will be Red Bull's British athlete - five-time world champion - Aaron Hadlow, perhaps the most important kitesurfer in the world today, who will have a role of judge, and will share with some contestants and viewers some of the sports secrets by entering the water for breathtaking figures.

I imagine you already have a position ...

Two days full of kitesurf! Two days full of kitesurf! Two days full of kitesurf! Two days full of kitesurf! Two days full of kitesurf!

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