Andreas Ioannou

Andreas Ioannou is an article writer residing in Larnaka. He was born in New Jersey and grew up in the town of Paralimni. As soon as he graduated from High School he joined the army where he spent two years at an outpost in Derynia village. Thereupon he moved to Athens where he studied Political Science and Public Administration. Following his graduation he went on to study law at Edinburgh. As a student, he was passionate about reading various texts and was very fond of writing essays. His career aspiration is to work for a nonprofit organization protecting human rights. Following his graduation from law school he decided to move to New York on a quest. He initially worked at various restaurants as a server until he stumbled upon an opportunity to do an internship with the LGBT Bar Association of Greater New York, an organization promoting and protecting the rights of the LGBT community of New York. He completed a six month internship as the Legal Assistant of the organization and he had a prodigious new experience. Meanwhile he enjoys long walks with the companion of a Nikon D100 camera. Photography is his sweet diversion. Withal, travelling is a robust passion for him as well. He has traveled in countries and cities across Europe, USA, and South America. After a while in New York, he decided to move back home, Cyprus where he came across the opportunity to write for Cyprus Alive. 

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