Built at the foot of the Machaira Forest in the area of Pitsilia

Gourri is a small mountainous village in the Nicosia District. It is about 36 km away from it. It is built at the foot of the Machaira forest in the area of Pitsilia at an altitude of 720 meters above sea level.

Visiting Gourri you can have the opportunity to buy locally, traditional handmade sweets and homemade marmalades. Additionally, you can visit the picturesque village of Fikardou and the Monastery of Machaira, only a short distance away.
Photo: Antreas Constantinou

The name of the Village: 
For how the village was named Gourri, there are several versions. According to the first version, the village was founded in 800 A.D. and took its name from the Kourries generation that completely controlled the eastern side of the mountain. A second version, however, states that its name comes from the Franco Feudalis Jacob de Gourr. A third version is from Ma Latri, which includes the name Gourri in the Lusignan-Venetian folk list. A fourth version points out that it is very likely that the village owes its name to a Syrian family that owned its area during the Messina, known as Gurri, Urri, Ourry. Finally, one last version states that the name of the community is a transformation of the name of the first inhabitant of the region, Kyriakos Vourrio.
Photo: Antreas Constantinou

The history of the village:
The archaeological finds that have occasionally been discovered reveal that the area of Gourri is inhabited since the 5th century A.D.

During the 1059-1185 Komnenos Dynasty, the village of Gourri and other villages belonged administratively to the Monastery of Machaira. According to historical sources, the Lusignan conquerors (1192-1489) applied the feudal system to the island and abolished the administrative privileges of the Monastery. The inhabitants of the area had been revolted and the Franks, in order to stifle the rebellion, applied military feudalism to the village and generally to Pitsilia. This insurrection resulted in the execution of 13 monks and the complete destruction of the villages of Rhodia and Kalamithasa as well as other small settlements. This was the first time that Gourri and the Pitsilia region were captured by military.
Photo: Antreas Constantinou

Sightseeing and churches:
In addition to its splendid views and picturesque character, the village also has an interesting Museum of Folk Art, which opened in 2015, as well as the church of St. George. According to an ancient inscription inside the temple, the inaugurations took place on 24 May 1898, while parts of the iconostasis were constructed in 1906.
Photo: Antreas Constantinou

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