Bridge of Routhouni

Bridge of Routhouni

A very special bridge in Pafos

The Bridge of Routhouni is in the Pafos region and more specifically in the village Amargeti in the area of “Zimpounieris”.

It is a very special bridge that was built during the Frankish period and connected the community of Amargetis with neighbouring villages like Eledio.

First, going back a few years, the bridge got its name from the area that has the same name, thanks to two natural holes that are located in a rock and whenever it rained and the water passed from there. The older people of the region say that "the nostrils run". President Andrew Kaiser has told that although it is a story that few are aware of, the Community Council is available to tell it.

Photo: Eliana Dionysiou

The main source of the article is Check In Cyprus, as well as the main photo.