Classic Scones

Classic Scones

Scoot Cafe brings a British favourite to Larnaka

Traditionally known as the ultimate British teatime treat, scones are a baked good that have made their way into tearooms and cafes across the globe. After first falling in love with scones many years ago, they have tried and tested - and now perfect! - their own recipe and added them to their lineup of pastries in Scoot Cafe.

Their scones are homemade - literally in their home kitchen - fresh and fluffy, served with clotted cream (also homemade!) and /or strawbery jam. Being so new to the market, their scones are currently available in limited quantities on Mondays and Thuesdays;however, they also make them in larger quantities for events, upon special request.

You can see their Amazing Menu by clicking HERE

It is really not that complicated...Scoot Cafe just focus on what matters!