Cycling and hiking in Xylophagou's Tower area

Cycling and hiking in Xylophagou's Tower area

For those who are interested in cycling or hiking in a not built up area with low levels of noise pollution and less environmental destruction

The area around Xylophagou's Tower  is a location that, without any exaggeration, offers unparalleled quality for cycling and hiking, due to the law context of the British. A set of laws that greatly restrict building construnctions. Non the less, the confined human activities in the area by the British sovereign bases set the enviroment for low pedestrians and vehicles along with a better recreation time for hiking and cycling.

Due to these limitations a lower econological pollution is obtained and the soil of the ground is left to its more natural form. The same applys for the sea nearby. Source:  photos: Costas Siderenos

Additionally, to be more specific, we have to mention the small and big dirt roads that intersect with each other at a high frequency, thus providing the ease of rotation and the ability not to lose the orientation of the cyclist and the hiker.

Not to mention that the specific area leads to other similar areas as it is the protected coastline between the Xylophagou and Ormidia cummunities.