Cyprus in winter

Cyprus in winter

The beauty of mountainous and coastal places!

Cyprus is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, with nature that captivates you both in summer and winter. As an island, most tourists visit it during the summer months as temperatures go up and the day are sunny. But even in the winter months it never fails to enchant you with its wonderful nature and its other pleasures. However the temperatures in winter are quite favourable that as a result making a pleasant mood that encourages you to visit various places on the island either mountainous or coastal.

In the highlands in winter the number one destination is the mountains and especially Troodos mountain, which possess an enchanting vegetation giving you the feeling that you are in a fairy tale especially when it is dressed in white. Other destinations are monasteries that fill you up with awe for the monks who live in the cold winter months in adverse conditions without complaining, but on the contrary always happy and willing to take you on excursion to the monastery. And definitely in winter it is worth visiting the picturesque villages of Cyprus, where you can try traditional Cypriot dishes cooked with big love and passion, as they serve you with a wide smile and willingness.

On the coast in winter, many visit museums and various archaeological places, as well as the ports where roads were built for walking along with the sea, so you can enjoy the fresh, cold sea air and the endless beauty of the waves falling on the rocky fences. Also, the fact that even in winter, Cyprus has quite warm temperatures pushes tourists and locals to dive into the sea, thus they are strengthening their immune system and as well as their physical condition.

In conclusion, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that although Cyprus is an island, it can attract the attention of tourists annually, because it can charm everyone with its natural landscapes, mountainous or coastal, the auspicious climate and the mentality of its inhabitants.

After all, let us not forget that God Himself blessed beautiful Cyprus.