Get ready ...  Descent from Samurai in Cyprus!

Get ready ... Descent from Samurai in Cyprus!

Samurai of percussion

Have you ever seen Samurai closer? 
The city of summer, Paphos, hosts them with their new show "Chousensha - The Challengers".
As always, they impress with their appearance, since they are internationally renowned!
TAIKO is the Japanese word for drum and the ancient Japanese art of percussion. Yamato drummers are the most acclaimed in their genre and their presence in Paphos will be much more than a taiko musical performance.
The scheme Established in Nara, Japan in 1993, tours the world for 6 to 10 months each year, creating and presenting original compositions and shows.

Their appearances are breathtaking every year, attracting an ever-growing audience, over 6 million to 3,000 performances in 53 countries around the world.
For Yamato members, every encounter with the audience is a unique and valuable process that offers new experiences as well as liveliness and passion for life. Continuing to tour all over Japan and the world, whether in concerts, classrooms or workshops, the format continues to retain Yamato, the spirit of Japan.

The drummers known by the name 倭 -Yamato The drummers of Japan come to change your data!

On Friday, June 30th, at the 28th of October in Pathos, at 21:00 with FREE entrance.
The show is done with the cooperation and support of the Eu-Japan Fest Japan Committee and the Co-operative of Central Bank.

Sponsors: Almyra Hotel, SIGMA TV and Time Out Magazine.