How to memorize David's Psalms effectively

How to memorize David's Psalms effectively

a clever way to save you energy, trouble and time in your effort to memorize the psalms of the Prophet and King David

If you are one of those people who seek to learn some Psalm's chapter by heart or even all of them (if you are allowed by the length of your leisure), then you have nothing to loose but to utilize the following methods. For those who do not know, Psalms is a book of the old testament of the Bible/Holly Scriptures, written in a lyric rythm instead of the plain style of others biblical books, such as Exodus, Job, Nehemias, Esdras etc. The lyric rythm of Psalms keeps consistency in relation to its translation. A different level of lyrism can be found in the modern Greek and a different level in the ancient Greek translation. Consequently Pslams consist of 150 chapters which vary in size and subject.

So try the following "recipe":

Step 1
Read the Pslams chapter you are interested, in plain rythm in order to study better its meaning. Take a piece of paper and a pencil or a pen and write down a small synopsis of the specific psalm-chapter. When you are done, try to narrate its content to your self or to someone else in your own words.

Step 2
Having readen the Pslams chapter you chosen, try to give it a title related to its topic.

Step 3
When you are done with the previous steps, write the title of its topic for another one time but with different words. If you can do the same technic again, do it over and over until you get a variety of the same synopsis.

Step 4
Afterwards choose one of the chapter summaries you have written previously and you memorize better and break it down in many parts. Make a partition of the synopsis in a series of phrases. Write every setence of the synopsis in a small length just by typing it in a single phrase.

Step 5
Find keywords: Search for words from the specific Psalms chapter that can better memorized. Then write down the whole chapter in a paper (or elsewhere depending on your preference) and then underline, circle or highlight in any way you prefere the keywords. The reason behind this it is the co-relation between the keywords and the rest content of the chapter. In other words you create by your own a packet of keywords that reproduce the rest of the psalm-chapter in way that saves you a great amount of time. Your brain automaticly relates the keywords with the rest text.

Step 6
Go back to the psalm-chapter that you want to memorize and copy it word to word by doing this in addition: the first setence or the first words must be written in capitals because by doing that you give more emphasis to the first part of the chapter. In this manner you create an index in your mind where you can recall the specific pslam-chapter you want by remembering only the first sentence or even the first words of the chapter. If you do this, your mind will recall automatically the rest of the chapter.

Step 7
Moving on, you must split the pslam-chapter verse by verse, where the one follows the other in sequence so they can be seen viewed seperated. Then take each one verse apart and recitie it. After doing this, rewrite the chapter in a slow pace. Repeat the same process: recitation - copy, recitation - copy, recitation - copy for each and everyone verse.

Step 8
Since you completed the steps above, spend some time for every verse so much that you can memorize it by reading and recite it within your self and have  time breaks in between.

Step 9
The next step is to composite the pslam-chapter that you have learned verse by verse. What is the composition process? It's to write down from the begining to the end the whole pslam-chapter you have memorized. Do it continuously 3 times. Then have a break of 5 minutes and right after write again the same chapter. When you finish have a break of 15 minutes and right after write once again the same chapter. When you finish from this, write the same chapter another 2 times before you go to bed in order to refresh your memory. Repeat it for better results.

Step 10
Repeat the procedure from the begining to the end by changing the means, from paper to digital.

Remember: repetition is the mother of all learning.


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