Interview with the owner of Teejay's Pub in Protaras

Interview with the owner of Teejay's Pub in Protaras

Antonis Zembashis

Cyprus Alive spoke with the owner of Teejay's Pub, Mr. Antonis Zembashis. Read the interview below to find out more about this wonderful Pub in Protaras. 

1. Mr. Zembashis, when was your pub established?
Teejay's Pub has been operating since July 16th 1993. 

2. What does Teejay's Pub offer?
It is a traditional Bar and Grill. We offer delicious food, amazing cocktails and a huge range of draught beers. We also have Live Acoustic bands playing every evening.

3. Where is Teejay's Pub located?

Right in the centre of Protaras, more specifically on 43 Protaras Avenue. 

4. What makes your pub stand out and different from others?
Firstly, our high quality and delicious food and our outstanding service! Teejay's offers a wide variety of beers on draught and the atmosphere is very friendly. This pub is the place everyone loves to visit for a proper beer and quality live entertainment by known bands!

5. Your Vision?

To get better every day and to continue to keep our customers happy. 

Thank you very much Mr. Zembashis we wish you all the best, we are sure that people will be happy with your service, drinks, live music and food.

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