Lent in Cyprus

Lent in Cyprus

Carnival weekend

Carnival in Cyprus, is the day that essentially begins Lent after Tsiknopempti (Smoking Thursday), which was considered the last day we consume meat, and is the day where people put their problems aside and spend time with their families and children...a time of year when everyone can feel like their a little kid again. 

Particularly in Limassol, the established carnival starts...for the last 100 years, it is a celebration of expression and relief against the adversity of our time.

The Carnival is essentially a folk festival that is the last established since antiquity to date and aims to ease the mood of all those around it. Across Cyprus there is a celebration of wine and plentiful food, especially fasting food dishes that make a difference.

Carnival is associated with antiquity and has many parameters regarding its history and how it evolved in modern times. Limassol holds the largest annual carnival throughout Cyprus, which in turn extends to many cities in Cyprus such as Pafos, where there is also a popular celebration with many cheerful events and events that entertain many people throughout the Lent period in Cyprus. 

With the tradition of the kite flying on Clean Monday and everyone enjoying the events, the gatherings in a particular place, the cheerful parties and concerts by the Municipalities of Cyprus, form a pleasant atmosphere everywhere. as it turned out very early that the events were set up at the beautiful , the songs and the dances give way to the cheerfulness and liveliness of all where King Carnival creates with his own frantic feast to all Limassol and Cypriots.

As it turns out, the events in beautiful Cyprus are set up in advance, the songs and dances give cheerfulness and liveliness to all and the King Carnival creates his own frantic feast for all Limassol and all Cypriots in general.

It is an opportunity for all of us to feel like little children, to get the most out of ourselves and to forget about the problems of everyday life.

Good Lent with a smile and optimism!!