Messages of optimism

Messages of optimism

5 good things that have happened so far in 2020

As much as we are all overwhelmed by the events of 2020, a few rays of hope can be found amidst the chaos.

  1.  Second patient has been cured of HIV

The news came 12 years after the first HIV patient was cured. With this big step forward, scientists have expressed their hopes for the future: while finding an HIV cure may be difficult, it is now possible.

  1.  Pollution levels have been significantly reduced

Although the coronavirus has turned our lives upside-down, the extensive measures that were taken to “flatten the curve” have given the environment a chance to breathe.

  1. The first in-vitro cheetah cubs are born

Their biological mother "Kibibi" is 7 years old while the cubs were born with the help of the surrogate mother "Izzy", who is 3 years old. With this scientific innovation, a solution can at last be given to the extinction of species.

  1. The end the Australian fires

Following 240 days of continuous destruction of homes and the environment, Australia was relieved by a drop of heavy rain. New South Wales firefighters described the incident as the best news they had heard in a while.

  1. The world united in battle

The most significant one has been people uniting and coming together in the battle against the spread of coronavirus (notwithstanding the small part that could not have cared less). Doctors and nurses (even retirees) fearless on the front lines, young people willing to help vulnerable adults unable to step out, chanting and dancing in the balconies of Italy, fundraisers raising money for the NHS in England and many more show a light at the end of the tunnel.