The concerns of a 13-year-old schoolgirl and her message to the Minister of Education

Thursday 17/12/2020

A 13-year-old student of the 2nd Gymnasium from the Apostolos Gymnasium Andreas Embas made a decision and wrote the following message to the Minister of Education

"The issue is now gone! We live in a world full of fear and insecurity! Dear Minister of Education, Mr. Prodromou...obviously you also have children our age! With all the respect and maturity I have as a thirteen-year-old, I want to express my regret with the most tedious issue of the cοvid-19 that has become the fear and terror of everyone. We also have our rights and it is time to claim them...

Specifically, I will talk about my own school located in the community of Emba...We have a huge problem with the cases that have spread to all departments in a very dangerous form! The irresponsibility and the "tough guys" lead us to very bad thoughts and actions...I imagine that I, like the other children who are readers of this complaint, have loved ones in their families who belong to vulnerable groups...So you judge right to endanger the lives of thousands of students and guardians simply because you refuse to close schools; I understand that you as well as our teachers know what is good for us better than us!

But imagine that you were in the position of all of us who daily come in contact with people who may be cases and then we attend places that those who will be present, if they catch this "sneaky" virus, cannot survive! If you do not think about us, think about our family and those we may put in serious danger!

All this is not arrogance but opinion! I wish all the children who got the virus to get over it soon! "