Interview with Cristian Costea

Interview with Cristian Costea

Owner of "Xitroullo" restaurant in Larnaka

Cyprus Alive spoke with the owner of the restaurant "To Xitroullo", Mr. Cristian Costea. Read the interview below to find out more about his wonderful tavern in Larnaka.

1. Mr. Costea, when was Xitroullo founded?
We have been in operation since 1st October 2019.

2. What does your restaurant offer?
Fresh grilled food, traditional mezedes and Cypriot grilled food, side dishes and drinks.

3. Where is it located? 
We are located in the centre of Drosia, Larnaka.

4. What makes Xitroullo stand out?
First of all the quality of food and service. We offer quality Cypriot food, warm atmosphere, friendly service and good music. Also our food is in large portions at very good prices.

5. Your goal?
To continue to provide the best services, maintain the quality of our food and satisfy our customers.

6. Future plans?
To become the best traditional restaurant in Larnaka.

Thank you very much Mr. Costea and we wish you all the best. We are sure that the people will be pleased with your wonderful Cypriot food and service.