Adimi Magic Productions

Welcome to the magical world of Adimi!

Adimi Magic Productions offer the perfect entertainment for any event, no matter how big or small! They offer professional entertainment for all ages and all occasions!

Excellent entertainment for special events, gala dinners, children parties and kids entertainment, private parties, business parties and shows.  

With over 20 years of magical experience, they are able to offer the best magical effects for any event. 

A Magic & illusion show with a variety of amazing grand illusions that will leave your and your guests 100% satisfied. A stage show with big, modern equipment and with Adamos Demetriou the Adimi Master Illusionist, a master in the art of Magic, illusions, effects and escapes, that will captivate your guests from the beginning to the end.

Girls will magically appear from fire, birds will appear out of nowhere, the master illusionist will visibly cut 1 of his beautiful girls in half, you will experience magical effects happening with members of the audience, but most of all you will witness one of the fastest escapes in the world.

Adamo, the master illusionist, is very firendly and very good with children. He has a way to keep children's interest alive with his incredible character but also his rabbit tricks and special juggling, in which children can also participate.

Adimi Magic Productions offers an international show with guaranteed satisfaction.

A complete show, full of emotions, taking the audience through a magical journey...the Magical World of Adimi!

More information - Youtube: Adimi Master Illusionist | Facebook: Adamos Demetriou - Adam's Magic Kids Parties