Aeyialos Fish Restaurant

A great variety of fresh fish to satisfy your appetite!

Aeyialos fish restaurant is located on the beach of Pernera in Protaras. The year long summer inspired decor in the earth tones of our island with the mesmerizing sea views of our bay creates the perfect setting for a delicious lunch or a romantic dinner by the sea. In the calm and beautiful private environment of the restaurant you will taste authentic Mediterranean dishes, fresh fish and many exiting appetizers.

The mats, the reeds, the white paper boats and the waves, with all the shades, texture, smell and the aroma of blue, surround the fine seafood tastes of the Aeyialos Fish Restaurant.

The "Aeyialos Fish Restaurant" always serves local, fresh fish, seafood and mussels, rich appetizers and seafood pasta. 

Aside from delicious dishes, the restaurant overlooks their organised beach with private sunbeds and their beach bar. You can enjoy swimming, relaxing or even get in the mood of summer partying with a few signature drinks from the bar and special events that are organized.