Al Ritrovo Italian Restaurant

Life is a combination of magic, Pizza and Pasta!

Food brings people together on many different levels. It's nourishment of the soul and body.. It's truly love!

Al Ritrovo Italian Restaurant offers an oasis of food quality in Ayia Napa with various dishes that have an authentic Italian touch. A cozy restaurant with very nice and calm Italian music in the background.

Their chef is very excited to invite you to experience the real italian food. At Al Ritrovo Italian Restaurant you will get to try the real traditional italian taste.

Amazing place to to try their seafood spaghetti, the original fiorentina T-bone steak, sirloin steak, homemade pasta, homemade pizza and other specialties that are tasteful.

The food is always fantastic with good service and a cozy atmosphere.

A mediterranean relaxing atmosphere coupled with delicious dishes makes you want to go back!