Art de Ballet - Adamantini Kosma

Dancers are made, not born!

Art de Ballet Dance School Adamantine Kosma was founded in 2017. She teaches classical ballet using the Vaganova teaching system, where children receive recognised diplomas, certified by Pancho Vladigerov University in Sofia.

The headmaster and staff give a fresh taste of authority and professionalism, through love and proper guidance to each student individually.

Adamantine Kosma is a graduate of a Higher Professional Academy, Nikis Kontaxaki, with a master's degree at Middlesex University of London, with many scholarships abroad and awards at various competitions. Her teacher was Ms. Tania Miltenova, a graduate of Vaganova Academy.

The school teaches:
Contemporary Dance
Musical Movement Lessons for 2-5 year olds. 
Classical Ballet

Art de Ballet Dance School Adamantin Kosmas is a member of the Cyprus Dance Association and the International Dance Teachers Association (I.D.T.A).