Specialized know-how and unique designs

The company designs and produces << CASIANI>> FUR COLLECTION with high quality materials, originating from world famous suppliers, specialised know-how and unique designs, the result of their work surpasses all expectations.

CASIANI products is certified by the specially made security hologram affixed to every clothing card and to the woven label sewn inside every fur. Each hologram label contains a unique code referring exclusively to the item to which it is attached. 

The comparative advantage of the company is a combination of high-quality know-how and high-quality raw material, production, sales planning and price. Continuing its success, the company aims to maintain the high quality standards of its products, channelling them to the market both from its own retail outlets and it’s wholesale.

Visit their wonderful fur collection now in Paralimni Cyprus on Georgiou Gourounia avenue (formerly Griva Digeni). 

The staff is experienced very helpful and ready to help you find what you are looking for!

All furs are manufactured in Kastoria in Greece by MANZARI GROUP S.A.

Free transfer to the store when appointment is booked. 
Tax Free

Quality and Luxurious furs in Cyprus! 

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