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Worldwide, the history of Clarks shoes began many years ago, in particular since 1825, when two brothers, Cyrus and James Clarks, who came from Somerset, England, made their first shoe. Today, 22,000 different shoe styles make up the huge collection of Clarks. Some of their types of shoes are day wear, evening wear, trainers, boots. From infants to children, women and men. All shoes are made with specialized techniques and using latest technologies, creating something of hight quality and unique. The company has more than 1,000 privately owned stores worldwide as well as many resellers.

The history of Clarks shoes in Cyprus starts many years ago, since 1940s, where the imports of the particular shoe began. Significant date for the course of shoes in Cyprus was in 1979 where a Clarks shoe production factory was set up in the Engomi industrial area in Nicosia. The factory was in operation until 2002, employing more than 300 people. 

The factory produced up to 1500 pairs of shoes a day, supplying the local market, and not only after exporting shoes to countries such as England, Hong Kong, Egypt, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia and others.

In Cyprus, Clarks shoes have been operating for 32 years. In particular, there are 4 stores named Clarks in Nicosia, Larnaka, Limassol and Pafos. You can also find Clarks shoes at a limited number of shoe stores across Cyprus.

  • Nicosia: Makariou Avenue 40 - 22 754404
  • Limassol: Makariou Avenue 280, Enaerios - 25 582218
  • Larnaka: Zinonos Kitieos 48 - 24 654410
  • Pafos: Makariou Avenue 98 - 26 822012


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Clarks Shoes
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