The perfect destination for anyone who wishes to see and taste the traditional flavours in Cyprus and it's the only one of its kind in Ayia Napa!

There are products for both types of people, such as customers that really like sweet stuff, but also for the ones that know how to enjoy a salted or a bit more sour taste than usual. 
You will find very friendly personnel, all English & Russian speaking ready to answer your questions about their products in case you become a bit indecisive about what you choose, either as a gift or for your own pleasure. 
People with a knack for cooking will most likely find themselves in an on-earth paradise once they enter the shop due to the huge variety of spices and herbs that can be used for a variety of recipes.
The healthy corner of the shop is a nice choice for people who are avoiding sugar. The drinks corner will be most interesting to anyone who wants to take back home the sweet flavours of Commandaria, Zivania or other traditional drinks.
Cyprus is known for its pure olive oil and olives along with an assortment of other tasty products such as honey, fresh and ground coffee, dried fruit and nuts.

Your baths will feel more relaxing than ever when you make your way through the beautiful smells of the aromatic soaps and bath salts that are offered here.
You will be most pleased and satisfied with your experience after visiting this store.