Donkey Milk Cosmetics

It's a milk, it's a medicine. Is it really so beneficial?

Proteins found in donkey milk powder can help to moisturise the skin, and this is seeing the ingredient be developed for cosmetics applications.

The product is rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D & E, and donkey milk’s albumins have the ability to absorb moisture and give it back to the skin, creating a moisturizing shield on the upper layers of the skin.

Donkey milk can be used in:

  • Children with allergies to other milk proteins (from cow, goat, ewes, plant milk and nuts, such as soy and almond)

  • Children, who, in general, want to boost their growth

  • Older people with osteoporosis problems

  • People who are recovering from an illness

  • People who are very sensitive to healthy eating habits

  • Donkey milk has also been used against pertussis. It is no coincidence that, in Italy, percussion cough is also called "donkey cough"!

Recent studies have shown that donkey milk is the food that is approaching no more than nutritional characteristics and benefits in human breast milk.

Research has shown that the majority of children who are allergic to cow's milk can drink donkey milk without any allergic reaction. Also, its relatively sweet taste makes it more enjoyable and more easily accepted by a child.

Lactose-rich ... Donkey milk has a positive effect on the intestinal calcium absorption and can help treat adults with osteoporosis problems while contributing to better bone structure for children.

Donkey Milk: Benefits for infants and young children

  • It is high in vitamins B, B12 and C.

  • It has the same content as human breast milk and buffalo milk in calories and inorganic ingredients.

  • It helps in the treatment of asthma and respiratory problems in newborns.

  • It has few proteins and fat, but it is rich in minerals and vitamins.

  • It is considered a complete food for children, while it also treats some skin diseases in infants.

  • Compared to human milk has more than 60 times higher vitamin C content.

It is worth trying!

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Donkey Milk Cosmetics
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