Firehouse Grill & Seafood

Gives you the experience you desire!

Having experienced the wonders of Cyprus and Ayia Napa for over 20 years, the new team wanted to create food that encapsulated the island. From the classic souvla grilling over open coal, to freshly caught fish served to your liking, to traditional clay oven kleftiko that satisfy your hunger needs. Harvesting the natural surroundings of the sea and land, Firehouse brings a dining experience that is hard to match and we believe we offer the best Greek and Cypriot food in Ayia Napa.

Situated in the heart of the harbour in Ayia Napa, Firehouse brings the Mediterranean Sea to your table. The restaurant has been designed to offer panoramic views of the sea from every table. Choose to relax indoors or to enjoy the fresh air, Firehouse gives you the experience you desire. Whether a romantic meal, topping up before the nights festivities, a quick snack or a family meal with the kids, Firehouse grill has it all. They also offer the venue for weddings and other special events.

Marko was the original owner of the restaurant and for over 70 years he brought classic Greek and Cypriot food to the table that stood by three values, food quality, food freshness and authenticity. With Firehouse Grill @Markos they have married the best chefs in Ayia Napa with the best restaurant location in the town. Their chefs use the latest techniques to bring extraordinary taste whilst preserving Cypriot cooking heritage. Combine that with the history of the original owner, Marko, and Firehouse Grill @ Markos offer the best food experience in Ayia Napa.

Join the Firehouse team and enjoy the best Cypriot food in Ayia Napa!