Gourmet Taverna

Excite your palate with delicious food and wine!

Gourmet Taverna is a restaurant where cooking and eating are passion and inspiration. Inspired by the greatest chefs and hosts of all - the mom and dad of the owners - who over the years have taught them what a real gastronomic experience means. A great meal is more than good food and good service is more than just a genuine smile and attention to detail.

Their love and knowledge of authentic Cypriot and Greek cuisine and Mediterranean flavours, as well as their passion for new smells and flavours, have created a desire to enrich traditional recipes and to further enchant your palate. Simple but gourmet, it offers dishes that combines freshness, quality and delicacy.

It was founded in 1977 and was named after the owner's father "Charlie's Place". Later in 2007 the restaurant was renovated and renamed Gourmet Taverna.

Gourmet Taverna has retained its excellent reputation and its outstanding reviews over the years due to the satisfaction and dedication of its customers as they continually strive to exceed their expectations with excellent food, selected wine and excellent service. "Through your gastronomic experience, they want to create memories worth repeating."

Are you an enthusiast of steaks or seafood? Do you like gourmet dishes, Cypriot and Greek cuisine?

Whichever category you belong to, we recommend it unreservedly, you will be thrilled!!