Hans & Gretel Protaras

Who said that candy houses take shape only in dreams and in fairy tales?

The Sweetest concept and fairytale store, Hans & Gretel comes to life in Protaras!

Wrapped in a feast of flavours and fragrances, Hans & Gretel’s new sweet & candy spot invites you to fabulous, sweet adventures that “squeeze” every palate and “feed” all our childhood memories.

All these sweets bring back memories from our childhood and our travels, inviting us to feel like children again. The colours, smells, songs, images and flavours spread magic and make our visit an unforgettable fairytale experience.

The delicious scents and incredible delicacies offer sweet pleasure to all its visitors. This is a shop located on the coast of Protaras and we are sure it will be loved by the public.

In this fairytale house, you will find sweets that you will never forget, various flavours of gelato ice cream, the bubble waffle with delicious chocolates, freshly baked chimney cake as well as the colourful Cotton candy.

It is centrally located at 6 Protaras Avenue (opposite McDonald's) and will definitely become a favourite meeting place for many!