High Chaparral Restaurant

A place literally overlooking the sea!

High Chaparral is one of the best Restaurants on the island.

Mr. Angelos, the restaurant’s owner, is well known for his love and passion for cooking. The last 50 years he has been dedicated to cooking and offering his customers great tasting dishes.

The well trained personnel of the restaurant are making sure that the customers get the best possible service. Their big portions and quality of food ensure that customers are leaving satisfied and returning again and again.

High Chaparral is well knows in the local market for its exquisite seafood and other dishes. It is located right on the seaside which makes it a pleasant and relaxing place.

The best advertisement for a business are the comments of their clients. High Chaparral has succeeded in this with the high quality of food and service. Their octopus is well knows in Cyprus and abroad since the dishes offered have travelled as far as the Russian Presidential palace!

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High Chaparral Restaurant
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