Mikel Coffee Larnaka

A thousand bursts of aromas in every sip!

At MIKEL, coffee is not just part of your daily routine. Since the opening of the first store it has been and remains an art form that reflects the know-how of the Mikel Coffee team, the state-of-the-art machinery, as well as the creativity and fun of their partners.

The choice of coffee, the unique blend, the homey memories that awaken the buns and pastries that they offer daily are the guarantee of satisfying the consumers who choose them.

The dedication they put into their work, customer-centric philosophy and continuous effort to improve the products and services they provide have made MIKEL one of the fastest growing coffee companies.

You can find the Mikel stores in Larnaka at the following locations:

  • 19 Stratigou Timagia
  • 26 Lordou Vyronos, Plateia Pallas
  • Metro Supermarket
  • 64 Arch. Makariou III, Kiti 

Because coffee is not a luxury...it is a daily treat!