Misova Watch & Gift By Leontios

You will find great watches and gifts for every occasion!

Misova Watch & Gift By Leontios (LEONTIOS Watches & Jewellery) with 39 years of experience is located at Kings Avenue Mall in Pafos!

It has created, over the course of its long existence, a huge range of jewellery, gold and silver, to suit all budgets.

Among the incredibly large collection of famous watchmaking houses such as: ROTARY, COVER SWITZERLAND, POLICE, CERUTTI 1881, NIXON, DANISH, JCOU, G-SHOCK CASIO, THORTON, NOWLEY.

All watches are accompanied by a factory warranty and original packaging.

Misova also specialises in watch and jewellery corrections!

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Misova Watch & Gift By Leontios
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