Musits Football Academy

Athletes with Spirit - Morals - Respect - Solidarity

Musits Football Academy is run by a professional football player, Dragoslav Musić. 
Dragoslav Musić was a professional football player for 13 years for Cypriot teams and a coach since 2004. In Serbia, his home country, he played in 1st team categories. 

The academy has 5 coaches and 1 coach for goalkeepers. They train children from the ages of 4-14 and they offer the correct training to all of their members. Giving great attention to all athletes no matter what stage they are at. 

Musists Football Academy provides the correct teaching of technique and skills in football and prepares their athletes correctly in order to be able to proceed to the next stage. Some professional players of today were taught by them and came from their academy!

An outstanding Academy that is very successful, wining many leagues and championships for all age groups. 

Musits Football Academy is one of the oldest Academies nationwide, with 3 Football Grounds.
Their football grounds are located in a beautiful area that has a Tennis court, Basketball court, Playground and Entertainment venue. 

Their football grounds can also be rented out for FUTSAL games!