Opas Tavern

An authentic Cypriot and Greek tavern in Ayia Napa

Opas Tavern is an authentic Cypriot and Greek tavern. Considering that Cypriots are generous and hospitable people, get ready to enjoy a huge variety of colourful, special dishes. Homemade recipes and a rich menu include dishes from Cypriot and Greek cuisine.

The meat meze offered by the tavern, keep alive the Cypriot tradition and you can enjoy them with a background of favourite Cypriot songs and Cypriot dances.

Prepares traditional recipes, such as souvlaki and souvla, sheftalia, cyprus traditional village sausage, halloumi, moussaka, stuffed vine leaves (Dolma), fresh calamari, sea bream and many more delicious dishes.

Traditional dishes that have impresed with their taste!