Sala Thai Authentic

Authentic Thai food that excites your taste-buds!

The growth of Thai cuisine has been impressive over the last few decades. Variety, marriage of many - seemingly unmatched - different ingredients, importance in detail and ultimately balance in the taste result characterise the rich cuisine of Thailand. If one had to describe, in one sentence, the character of Thai cuisine, then one would definitely talk about dishes with strong aromas and spicy touches.

Sala Thai is a special restaurant in Pafos, offering authentic Thai cuisine. Their chef is from Thailand and prepares his dishes using fresh herbs and spices. He grows most of them himself in order to bring out the natural flavours of your food and achieve balance between spicy, sour, sweet, salty, and bitter. Their purpose is to stimulate your taste!

Sala Thai is really “a place of rest” where travelers can relax, quench their thirst and enjoy good food!

The tasting journey begins with soups, salads and Buddha Bowls, while the noodles suggestions are a constant choice for fans of Asian cuisine.

Options available for vegans and vegetarians.

Offers take-away service.