Scoot Café

Coffee for the people

In early 2014, on a tiny peninsula in the Far East, two like-minded individuals came together and conjured up a dream. Their dream was to combine their creativity and love for life -- and a healthy addiction to coffee -- into a place whose sole aim was to make people happy.
Fast-forward five years, and that dream has culminated in Scoot Café, in the heart of the beautiful and idyllic little town of Larnaka. While it may look, from the outside, like “just another coffee shop down the street”, they are so much more than that. 

Their goal is to turn what they have seen, learned and tasted on their travels, into a curated experience for all of their customers. Scoot Cafe only uses the freshest ingredients for everything from their salads to their sandwiches, prepared exactly to the customers order, and their coffee is ground and brewed to their customers taste.

At Scoot Cafe you can find premium-blended illy coffee, as well as freshly-made sandwiches, salads and pizza baguettes.
The Scoot team always takes care of everything that they use, and this plays a huge part in keeping their standards consistently high.

You can see their Amazing Menu by clicking HERE

It is really not that complicated...Scoot Cafe just focus on what matters!