Green Hill Tavern

Tradition meets the high quality cuisine with a view of infinity!

A beautiful venue in the mountains with a unique, panoramic view that stretches across the mountain ridges to the sea from end to end. Green Hill tavern stands out from the first moment, as the breathtaking view of mountains and sea shows the beauty of our island. An ideal place of entertainment, where you can enjoy traditional mezedes, enriched with imagination and passion, with a friendly and professional service. Each dish is made with selected finest ingredients, starts from traditional recipes which are elevated with a creative uniqueness. Large portion mezedes, custom made dishes and delicious desserts of the day, accompanied by good wine or an ice cold beer...and a lot of fun.

The beautiful tavern, the magnificent view, the dishes that are designed to be unique in their kind, as well as the service that reflects the traditional Cypriot hospitality, guarantee you special moments and memories.

The Green Hill tavern is ideal for private parties and receptions or for something as important as your child's christening. If you want to offer your guests unforgettable moments, definitely a few hours at the top of the world, overlooking the endless sea view, at the charming Green Hill tavern, it is a choice that promises success.