The Nut Cracker House

Unique flavours, Homemade quality, Natural ingredients, Best prices!

The products of The Nut Cracker House have been in the Cypriot market for many years, offering high quality and unique flavours.

Through their own production line in Cyprus and remaining focused on the traditional way of production, they produce, using their own machines, their unique recipes, a variety of products, which are constantly growing, aiming at creating new and old flavours.

They are most likely to have the largest variety of:

  • Spices & herbs
  • Nuts
  • Organic products,
  • Delicious and unique cheeses
  • Traditional Cypriot products
  • ...and more at the most competitive prices you can find on the market.

At The Nutcracker House Shops you can find a large selection in different types of Cypriot wines.

In A.Ch. Agathocleous, use only the best raw materials, Cypriot or imported, produce and offer consumers traditional quality products.

Products you must try!!!