The Reptile Jungle

Your visit here will be a "live" herpetology lesson!

Reptiles are not an easy and they want their own space and their own demanding living conditions.

Yiannis Angelis created with great care and love the "The Reptile Jungle" in Limassol, in a space of about 200 m2. It hosts dozens of exotic reptiles and amphibians that you will surely not easily find anywhere else in Cyprus. More than 150 species of reptiles, including crocodiles, pythons, chameleons, carnivorous lizards, tarantulas, prehistoric turtles and more, live at Reptile Jungle in a well-kept area.

The Reptile Jungle also accepts reptiles that have been injured and need care, many of the reptiles are rescued by the owner himself and transported to the centre.

Your visit here will be a "live" herpetology lesson!

It is suitable for all ages and it is open Saturdays and Sundays!