Fani Patsalidou


Hey! :)

My name is Fani and I am 24 years old. I was born and raised in Nicosia, however, 6 years ago I moved to the majestic Limassol - which I adore! The reason I moved in Limassol was my studies at the Department of Communication and Internet Studies of Cyprus University of Technology. During my studies, I discovered my interest in Marketing, so I decided to follow this direction.

Some of my hobbies are the singing, reading books and exercising. I love the mysterious and complicated tv series (these ones that you have to make a whole research in the internet in order to understand the story). Last but not least, I adore to meet my best friend and talking for hours about strange facts and stories! 

This is who I am, at short! I hope that you will enjoy my articles choises! :)


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