Veregaria - Berengaria Hotel

Veregaria - Berengaria Hotel

Τhe Forgotten Hotel of the Kings

Have you ever had a feeling that someone is watching you?

Photo: Manos Botrini

Well, as you enter the courtyard of the Veregaria Hotel, you feel as if you are being watched, it is surrounded by massive trees and dark bushes. The aura that embraces the hill of Veregaria is certainly fascinating, almost like in a movie.

Photo: Maria Anokhina

To begin with, Veregaria Hotel or Berengaria Hotel is an abandoned Hotel located in Prodromos Village of Cyprus and it is well known for being the best winter resort of Cyprus during the 20th Century.

It took its name from Queen Berengaria who was the wife of King Richard Lionheart and it was build and opened by Mr. Kokkalos in 1931.

The Hotel is also known as "The Hotel of The Kings" because it used to be famous for attracting famous guests which some of them were Pharouk, The King of Egypt, and the president of Israel, Ezer Vaisman. It also used to be the most popular hotel because of its distinctive architecture and location. It is located on the top of Troodos Mountain and it has a spectacular view.

Photo: Maria Anokhina

The Hotel had a nightclub, bars, enormous dining rooms, playgrounds, tennis court, pool area, and a lot of other extras which made it be the most unique Hotel in Cyprus.

Unfortunately, the Hotel closed in 1984 after it began losing money.

Photo: Sarah Louise Strong

There are numerous stories that circle the Vereggaria Hotel. It was said that the 3 brothers all died from mysterious and suspicious circumstances that provoked interest to the story of the hotel. As a result, the hotel is deemed as a haunted place as people reported seeing shadows flying behind the broken glass left over from the large windows and heard screams and cries. Furthemore, stories of a manager who killed himself and now wanders the halls looking for new victims emerged. Additionally it was said that two female ghosts haunt the hotel; a merchant’s wife that was found dead in the swimming pool seeking to avenge her death and a fair maiden with black raven hair, dressed in white linen and visible only during the dusk hours leaning against one of the windows. 

Of course Several “ghost” stories were heard from time to time about the Hotel but as the Villagers assured us those stories are just myths.

Photo: Romos Kotsonis

A relative of the owner who now owns the hotel puts signs of no entry and blocks the hotel off to visitors. This is due to the fact that the building itself is unstable and dangerous to walk into, especially at night, but visitors still seek the thrill of this location and enter despite all his efforts.

Today (2018) Veregaria Hotel is just an attraction and the future is uncertain.