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Hello! :) My name is Christina. I was born and raised in Limassol. I'm happily married with a wonderful husband and we are ready to make our family bigger! 

My higher education is in Graphic and Interior design.

My first job was as a secretary. I knew I could do better for myself and went on to study at the Economico Logistics School where I passed the LCCI Certificate. Some years later I became a branch manager for an institute in Nicosia. But things were not easy due to the economic crisis and my salary was severely cut back. After that I became a project manager and music producer for intro sound effects and music advertising, as well as working as an artist for an Austrian and Canadian website. Working from home was not the best or most practical solution.  My employers wanted me to move to Canada but I couldn't imagine leaving Cyprus. I had many opportunities to move abroad in great and also beautiful countries but Cyprus is my biggest love. 

I am now studying agriculture because I love nature. The sun in Cyprus shines almost 365 days around the year so seeds germinate and seedlings start growing very easily here; that means you can plant everything, but it doesn’t mean that you can't enjoy the sun, rain and snow on winter days, cause the mountains are just thirty minutes to one hour away from the sea (it depends from which town you are coming, from Limassol it's just 35 minutes). So, it couldn't be better than this! Snow and sun at the same time! You can enjoy the sea even in Spring and Autumn.  Free Cyprus (the legitimate, Greek, area in the South) is a safe place in which to live with your family, it has the lowest crime rate in all Europe. 

Family is another reason I won’t leave Cyprus. Families are important everywhere, but in Greece and Cyprus we are particularly close. We are all friendly and hospitable and love our traditions and if you are a guest in someone’s home you will be treated like as a member of their family and like royalty. Traditions here are often fun, like cooking and eating souvla together.  Souvla is a Cypriot style barbecue consisting of large chunks of lamb or pork (sometimes chicken) as opposed to souvlaki or little souvla (“aki” is a diminutive ending). We often eat souvla on a Sunday in much the same way that the English will have a Sunday roast. English is the second language here so you will not have a problem of communication and there is always someone at hand to help you find whatever you want.

Cyprus is a magnificent place in which to live, and if you have not visited it I really recommend that you do.  It is no coincidence that it is the island of Aphrodite, and the name symbolises the beauty of the island.  I love   visiting Ancient Greek ruins. I always feel a sense of awe, knowing how old the ruins are, and of the stories that lie behind them.  That's why I decided to write articles about ancient ruins.  I also like writing about agriculture, my other interest. 

My hobbies are sketch drawing, painting, creating music, writing lyrics and looking after my big garden. I'm also writing a novel and I can't wait to see it finished and published. I also have a level 7 Diploma  in professional dancing" from Evi’s dance club. I have been a model, had lessons in “savoir vivre” and “personal appearance” at the models AGM club. I have won 1st place twice at an Art Exhibition organised by the provincial Welfare Council and I won 1st place for best Cinematic Music at the Limon Festival Australia. 

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