Hosted by Kimonos Art Center and Pafos 2017 Official

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Janus Hosted by Kimonos Art Center and Pafos 2017 Official

Janus is a musical composition for violin and cello accompanied by an animated film combined with video art, projected on an on-stage installation. The project uses the “Khan” as an allegory for the political and social reality of Cyprus. It stands for the coexistence between the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot communities, as well as the desire for this state of affairs to return.

This audiovisual presentation focuses on the “Khan” and its transition from a meeting point to a deserted site and the possibility of it returning to its original state. The different forms of art employed and combined in the project function as a metaphor for the possibility of the co-existence between people of a different background -a possibility of which the “Khan” is one of the strongest symbols.

The Janus project will be presented on September 17th, 2017 at Ibrahim’s Khan in Pafos and on September 20th at “Theatro Ena” in Limassol.


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Composer: Zacharias Moustakis
Violin: Chrysostomos Neophytou
Cello: Thibaut Verbe
Animation: Charalambos Margaritis
On-stage installation: Yiannis Sakellis
Video art: Charalambos Margaritis and Yiannis Sakellis
Artstic Director: Chrysostomos Neophytou.


Janus Janus Janus Janus Janus

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