9+1 top spots for a delicious brunch in Cyprus

9+1 top spots for a delicious brunch in Cyprus

A great way to start your day

Breakfast + Lunch = love forever! The matching delicious marriage of breakfast and lunch is here to stay! Not only for Saturdays and Sundays, since several restaurants have established brunch on a daily basis.

Brunch can be found all over Cyprus, either in cosy places, or more elegant establishments, next to the sea, but also in restaurants, bars, all day spots and cafés.

Hot brioche, eggs cooked in various ways, pancakes, sandwiches and even burgers or pizzas come into play, accompanied by fine drinks and cocktails.

Here are some of the most delicious spots for brunch in Cyprus.


At "Estrella", a great day always starts from their brunch!

Estrella is one of those places that you cannot ignore. It's the energy that radiates and draws you in like a magnet, it's the friendly atmosphere that seems to smile at you, it's that exuberant aesthetic that makes you feel like you can be yourself.

The brunch offered by Estrella is authentic and delicious; Scrambled eggs, omelettes, bagels, pancakes and also breakfast pizza, baked in their own oven. For sure, whatever you choose, you won't regret it!
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Brunch with the most cosiest atmosphere, only at La Casa Brunch Bar!

In Peyia you will find the most wonderful place to enjoy your meal. La Casa Brunch Bar was created to celebrate brunch in a place that serves it from 9am to 3pm, the hours that are ideal for breakfast or an early lunch.

You will find a wide variety of brunch dishes, all delicious and filling. We have singled out the Ultimate Benedict, The Londoner, Dirty Bagel and The Hangover. Everything at your disposal to capture in your photos, beautiful moments with friends, as well as selfies.
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"Cliff Social All Day Project" ideal for brunch with a view and more!

Open from the morning for brunch with personality and continuing until late with quality comfort food and a friendly atmosphere, the "Cliff Social All Day Project" awaits us in a beautiful space with a unique decoration and a courtyard with a view of the enchanting Pafos.

We focus on brunch, which includes many delicious options for every appetite. We suggest you try the Eggs Benedict and Shashuka Eggs. You can combine your brunch with some of the light cocktails they offer, such as Bellini and Mimosa.
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The Brewery takes brunch to the next level.

A point of reference for the city's food enthusiasts, The Brewery gives us another reason to go to Finikoudes, since it also offers brunch. With creative combinations of flavours and rich options, it is a favourite for weekends, but also for weekdays, offering relaxed and delicious moments in a cosy environment with chilled vibes and indoor plants, overlooking the sea.

Enjoy delicious options of pancakes: savoury, sweets and healthy (protein pancakes). But also you can find on their menu, omelettes, sandwiches, croissants and much more! 
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At Second Cup Bistro Ermou for speciality coffee that accompanies all the exquisite flavours of their brunch.

For those sunny, yet overcast weekends when you want to treat yourself to a sense of escape from the city, a down-town brunch makes all the difference. Second Cup Bistro Ermou is the must destination if you want to discover the world of real speciality coffee.

With its privileged location, in Ermou square, its luxurious and welcoming space has been embraced by the people of Larnaka, thanks to its pleasant chic atmosphere and the emphasis on facilities and gastronomy for all hours of the day. It is worth trying their Scrambled eggs with spinach, the Healthy Pancakes, the Egg & Bacon Bagel and the rich Second Cup Sweet Pancakes.
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Flavours with a view and a team that welcomes you with a smile at Yellow Café.

Open from the morning for brunch with personality and continuing until late with quality comfort food and a friendly atmosphere, the Yellow Café awaits us in a beautiful space on the Limassol Pier with a view of the enchanting sea. Going down to the beach of Limassol for leisurely morning walks, we focus on brunch which includes many and delicious proposals for every appetite.

Amongst students and new faces of the city, in its welcoming space with urban elements, wooden details, you immediately feel that you have found a new strong hangout that embraces new trends with sophistication.
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A brunch spot that lures you away from everyday life, Juego All Day Restaurant Bar.

Brunch is the most pleasant break of the day, so you should enjoy it exactly as it deserves, in a place that wins you over with its aesthetics, flavours and friendly attitude. The Juego All Day Restaurant Bar with its colourful umbrellas hanging from above, makes you escape from the rhythm of the city in every way.

In such a setting, brunch becomes even more enjoyable. Fantastic recipes with eggs, pasta and omelettes – definitely try Juego Omelette – but also their pancakes are some of the suggestions you can find at Juego All Day Restaurant Bar.
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Brunch is a unique dining experience at Senso Cafe.

In a cafe very different from the others, socialising mixes with the enjoyment of brunch and makes it even more likeable! In the most popular corner of the city, opposite the church of Agiou Georgiou, your favourite hangout is transformed into a top brunch spot, while you enjoy either the English Breakfast, or a fluffy, Greek or classic omelette. Eggs Benedict or Scrambled are certainly the specialities of the menu, while the delicious pancakes, sweet or savoury, introduce authentic and timeless flavours.
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For culinary delights in a wonderful environment visit Liquid Cafe-Bar.

Discover one of the most modern and stylish cafes/bars in Ayia Napa. Liquid Cafe-Bar has delicious brunch ideas, which besides being delicious are also beautiful, with elements that catch the eye.

We recommend, amongst others, the Croque Mademoiselle, with fluffy brioche bread, cream cheese, avocado, bacon, poached egg, goat cheese, pomegranate, orange balsamic vinaigrette and Marie Rose sauce. It is also worth trying the popular American Pancakes, with mascarpone cheese and berries.
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Abacus is a great spot that brings groups together.

Abacus Restaurant and Lounge café was created with only one goal, to remind you what it means to have your own hangout spot with your friends. A space with a minimal aesthetic, high ceilings and large windows that let the light spread to every corner.

They welcome you for brunch with Salmon Cake, traditional Cypriot breakfast, Wholegrain Salmon, Open Wrap, Egg Benedict and French Toast. All dishes are delicious and mouth-watering, with aromas that give you the desire to taste them – and trust us, you cannot resist!
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9+1 top spots for a delicious brunch in Cyprus

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