Cyprus Historic and Classic Motor Museum

Historical and classical value


The Cyprus Historic and Classic Motor Museum, is located in Ypsonas at Limassol. It is in an area of 3.000 m2 and features more than 70 classic cars, which have been given by the veteran car speed driver, Dimis Mavropoulos. Dimis has distinguished himself many times as a Rally Racer both in Cyprus and internationally. The Museum's collection covers a wide chronological range of cars, starting from 1912 with an original Ford Model "T" and continuing to a collectible model of 2004. Some of the cars in the Museum are the presidential "Cadillacs" that were manufactured  by the American Government as a present to the President of Cyprus Makarios III in 1977. Another famous car is Mr. Bean’s green car "Mini", and also a car that Margaret Thatcher used, a 1973 Rover P5. The Museum contains an account of the history of cars.

People of all ages, and from every walk of life, come to visit the Museum. Many tourists come and so do organised groups and children on school outings. Visitors are invited to complete their visit with some guidance on navigation and road safety. A proportion of revenues from ticket sales are given to charity.

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